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Business Plan

The attorneys and business consultants at Marijuana Microbusinesses have helped aspiring Michigan microbusiness owners develop business plans and refine their business models. We draft unique plans for each client tailored to their specific ideas and business models, while also offering our own insight and ideas based off our experience owning and working with small businesses in and out of the cannabis space. We also provide pro forma projections so that you can see how much you could potentially make and what you major costs factors will likely be. Our principal, Scott Roberts, has worked with hundreds of small businesses throughout his career as a business and real estate attorney and has drafted dozens of business plans for himself and his clients. Mr. Roberts’ business plans have been used to obtain SBA funding for non-marijuana clients and have been used by cannabis clients to help them secure financing from potential investors.

Contact us today about our business plan and business consulting services. Having worked with well over 50 marijuana entities in Michigan, Mr. Roberts understands the Michigan cannabis market better than almost any other cannabis attorney or consultant. He has been speaking on the marijuana microbusiness concept here in Michigan before the MRTMA even passed and continues to be the state’s foremost expert on the microbusiness concept. He works closely with both cultivation and processing consultants to assist clients on all of their cannabis business needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you put together a winning business plan that will hone your business model, attract investors, and put your microbusiness in the best position to succeed in Michigan’s recreational marijuana market.


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