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Our attorneys are able to guide you through the legal and compliance process, help you hone your business model, and put you in the best possible position for success! Our managing attorney, Scott F. Roberts, has spoken at industry conferences about the microbusiness model and is one of the state’s foremost experts on Michigan Marijuana Microbusinesses. He has worked with small to medium sized businesses almost his entire career, is an entrepreneur himself, and is able to provide not just legal services but business consulting and advice as well.

If you are planning on locating your microbusiness anywhere in the State of Michigan, we can help!

While we are based in Detroit, we assist cannabis clients throughout the entire State of Michigan. From Detroit to the East, Muskegon to the West, Niles to the South, and even as far North as the Upper Peninsula, we help clients obtain state and municipal licenses throughout the whole State of Michigan.

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