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Since 2014, Scott Roberts Law has been helping Michigan marijuana businesses meet legal business expectations by providing value-based, client-centric service.

Michigan’s growing marijuana industry, with its many new business opportunities, also faces dynamic legal issues. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to have a reliable marijuana business advisor who can help you navigate your marijuana business through the law while also focusing on your specific business goals.

The firm is dedicated to making sure our cannabis, hemp, real estate, and business clients succeed. Whether you are interested in the medical marijuana industry, the newly established recreational marijuana industry, or industrial hemp production, we are ready to help.

How to Open a Medical Marijuana Business

We help our clients comply with both ever-changing and steadfast laws at local, state and federal levels in all legal matters, including the entire spectrum of medical marijuana business: cultivation, manufacturing, processing, safety, distribution, and retail. We have helped over 20 medical marijuana groups in the state of Michigan by giving the best professional counsel that balances an understanding of marijuana law with business outlook.

Our services include assistance with licensing, compliance, business formation and consulting, structuring, financing, real estate and leasing. Contact us at (313) 375-5335 to get started today.


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