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Do I need a marijuana business lawyer?

There are many different kinds of businesses that can start up and operate smoothly in Michigan without ever needing the help of a lawyer.

A cannabis business is not one of them.

No matter what stage of development your cannabis business venture is in,  it is absolutely necessary to have a reliable cannabis business lawyer by your side. The marijuana industry in Michigan is still in its infancy and Michigan’s marijuana laws and regulations are subject to constant change.

Michigan marijuana laws are complex and require specialized knowledge and experience. A qualified cannabis business lawyer can help you navigate through all the obstacles your business will face, from getting started with licensing and business formation to matters of compliance and procedure in numerous areas including marketing and advertising, location, and packaging.

How do I obtain a marijuana license?

The legalization of marijuana in Michigan means the near future holds new opportunities for growth in both the medical marijuana and recreational adult-use industries.

To start a marijuana business in Michigan, it is required to obtain a license. The dedicated team at Marijuana Micro Businesses can get your business approved quickly.

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