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Our legal team, headed by Scott Roberts of Scott Roberts Law , has represented numerous cannabis and CBD businesses throughout the state of Michigan, ranging from large multi-facility operators to smaller single license groups.  Scott Roberts Law is a business-first cannabis law firm specializing in Cannabis compliance, business law, real estate law, and municipal law. 

Mr. Roberts has spent his career representing businesses and helping them comply with municipal, local, and state regulations and is the state’s leading expert in Microbusiness law, having spoken at several Cannabis conferences on this topic, including CannaCon, 420 Canna Expo, CannabisAid, the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, and the West Michigan Cannabis Expo. He has also appeared on several podcasts and radio shows discussing microbusiness related topics, including the Todd L Levitt Radio Show, “Cut to the Chase” on WPRR Radio, and the Michigan Marijuana Report.


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