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Marijuana marketing strategy

Public relations. We believe PR the most important part of comprehensive communication strategy. With restrictions on marketing and advertising for cannabis businesses in many states and with Twitter, Facebook and Google being unfriendly to cannabis, PR and its tactic media relations is a solid option for getting the word out about your business.

Marijuana marketing strategy. Once you determine who you are marketing to and what makes your marijuana business different from your competition, how will you reach your audience? What tools do you need? Think of word of mouth, in person, print and digital ways to reach your target audience. We can help set a strategy for success.

Content creation. New and fresh content drives traffic to your website, it makes people come back for more and is the gasoline for SEO or search engine optimization. Content is comprised of the words, videos and images that you put on your website and continue to refresh on a regular basis.

Branding. A consistent brand is one of the most important aspects of your cannabis business—whether you’re large, small, retail or business to business (B2B). A great branding strategy will put you ahead in a competitive marijuana market. Your brand is your promise to your customer. It’s how you walk the talk, from your website to how your company phones are answered, your voice on social media, your budtenders knowledge or the design of your packaging. 

Web design and development. A great domain and functional website is essential for any cannabis business and it must be interactive, responsive and well-designed. Whether you are growing, provisioning, testing, transporting or processing, people will search for you on the web first.

Quality design. You know bad design when you see it and in a competitive marijuana marketplace good design makes a difference. It takes less than a second for a customer to form an opinion about your product based on what they first see. This means that your product on the shelf in a provisioning center; your logo, website, social media site and marketing collateral must be able to spark a positive reaction before a customer has time to even think.

Social Media. It’s where people congregate and exchange ideas and opinions and you have to be there with the right messages. When it comes to products (and services for that matter), consumers want to know what others are saying, thinking and experiencing. Social media provides a fast and efficient way to research and tell others about our experiences. We are experienced in managing Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook accounts.

Cannabis advocacy is simply education. We have helped clients with presentations to their local municipalities and often attend meetings to address cannabis issues that are being discussed. We also helped move voters to YES in a rural township. Here’s the case study on that effort.


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