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At Marijuana Micro Businesses, we understand how dedicated you are to your business. You deserve to be represented by legal professionals who are just as dedicated as you are.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent guidance and making sure their cannabis businesses are in 100% compliance with local and state laws and regulations.

Our Clients

We’re dedicated to providing outstanding legal services to all cannabis-related businesses:

  • dispensaries
  • processors
  • cultivators
  • secure transporters
  • safety testing facilities
  • microbusinesses

How to Obtain a Marijuana License

We’re ready to help you succeed. Whether you’re interested in medical marijuana or the adult-use industry, our team of expert attorneys has the knowledge to help you get started.

To start a marijuana business in Michigan, the first crucial step is to obtain a Michigan marijuana license. We can help you get there. Our goal is to provide quick, quality support so you can get your license and approval as soon as possible.

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