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Who We Are

The Michigan cannabis lawyers at Marijuana Micro Businesses are working to help create an environment in which Michigan marijuana businesses can grow and thrive without being overwhelmed by the state’s legal and regulatory forces.

What We Do

Our marijuana, hemp, and CBD clients include dispensaries, cultivators, processors, transporters, and suppliers of ancillary products and services. We provide top-notch counsel to businesses in the cannabis industry regarding any legal challenges they face.

Is recreational marijuana legal in Michigan?

Yes. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in late 2018, lawmakers in the state of Michigan have been working to adapt to the new institution. Michigan’s adult-use marijuana industry is expected to begin developing alongside a new groundwork of rules and regulations.

The acceptance of legal recreational and medical marijuana comes hand-in-hand with many intricate laws and regulations. Anyone with an interest in doing business in the cannabis industry must absolutely have an experienced, knowledgable cannabis lawyer to guide them. It is crucial to have a reliable business lawyer specializing in cannabis law to assist you in navigating Michigan’s marijuana laws.

Our team knows both business law and cannabis law from the ground up. We’re prepared to protect your business by offering business counsel and assisting with licensing, real estate, litigation, and compliance.

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